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MT Search extension settings are found:

Admin Panel >> System >> Configuration >> MAGETREND EXTENSIONS >> ElasticSearch

General configuration

  1. Is Active – Enable/Disable MTsearch extension.
  2. Include jQuery – turn off if jQuery library already exists. Usually jQuery is already included.
  3. Indexer Product Limit – Product limit in cron process. More about crontab configuration in paragraph 3.4.
  4. Debug mode – turn on if you want to log errors, search queries and results. Log file is in /var/log/elasticsearch.log.

Search Settings

  1. Host – Elasticsearch’s host. By default: or localhost.
  2. Port – Elasticsearch’s port.
  3. Language–Choose your store’s language. If you don’t find your language, leave it empty.
  4. Min Score – Search results have relevance score. You can filter search result with this setting.
    Default min score is 0.15. The higher value means more relevant results but also less results.
  5. Searchable Attributes – Add attributes which will be used in search.
    Often used attributes: - Name
    - Categories
    - Manufacturer
    - SKU
    - Description
    - Color
    - Size

    Some attributes can be more important, if you add higher weight for them. Weight range: 0 – 2. If new attributes were added, you will need to update Elasticsearch ("Button: Apply Settings to ElasticSearch").

Auto Suggestion

  1. Is Active – enable/Disable suggestion function.
  2. Show Products – enable/Disable products’ suggestion.
  3. Result Limit – limit number of suggestions.
  4. Show Image – show image in suggestions.
  5. Show Price – show price in suggestions.
  6. Show Description – show description in suggestions.
  7. Description Length – limit description size.

Crontab configuration

MT Search is using cron (periodic tasks) for product indexing. It should be run every 5 minutes by default.

How to calculate product limit per process:

{STORE_COUNT} – Your store count.

If you have more than 10 000 products, recommended optimal product per process number: 400/{STORE_COUNT }

If you have less than 10 000 products, recommended optimal product per process number: 200/{STORE_COUNT}

If you have less than 5 000 products, recommended optimal product per process number: 100/{STORE_COUNT}

Please enter your choice to "Indexer Product Limit " field