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ElasticSearch service

Please ensure that in your web server is installed Elasticsearch.

  1. Connect to your server with SSH client.
  2. Run command : curl -X GET http://localhost:9200/

You should get response from Elasticsearch with status 200.
If something failed, please contact with your server administrator or our support team.

More about ElasticSearch: https://www.elastic.co/products/elasticsearch

Installation process

Please follow this installation process: General installation process

Custom theme

If you are using custom theme you need follow next steps:

  1. Copy layout file
    from: app\design\frontend\base\default\layout\mt\newsletterpopup.xml
    to: app\design\frontend\YOUR\THEME\layout\mt\elasticsearch.xml
  2. Copy html files
    from:from: app\design\frontend\base\default\template\mt\elasticsearch\
    to: app\design\frontend\YOUR\THEME\template\mt\elasticsearch\
  3. Copy css files
    from:from: \skin\frontend\base\default\css\mt\elasticsearch\
    to: \skin\frontend\YOUR\THEME\css\mt\elasticsearch\
  4. Copy javascript files
    from: \skin\frontend\base\default\js\mt\elasticsearch\
    to: \skin\frontend\YOUR\THEME\js\mt\elasticsearch\