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Create gift card product

Create new product and choose product type "Gift Card". This product has two new tabs in product edit page: Gift Card Options and Assign Gift Card Series.

Tab "Gif Card Option"

  1. Gift Card Type - Select gift card’s type.
    There are three types:
    real - plastic, printed with high quality printer.
    virtual - .pdf, .jpg format, ready for printing at home.
    mixed - both real and virtual.
  2. Allow Refuse Real Gift Card - this option is only for mixed type of gift card. Customer can refuse real gift card. It’s good if shipping is not free. If real gift card will be refused, the gift card will become virtual type.

Tab "Assign Gift Cards Series"

There is a list of available gift card’s series. You need to select gift card’s series and enter the gift card’s price.

Inventory configuration

Go to product inventory tab and set “Manage Stock” to “No”.

Other options works the same as simple product’s options.