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Gift Cards Import

If you have already printed gift cards and want to start selling them, then this paragraph is for you. You will need to import gift card’s codes, assign to series and set gift cards to active. Before importing create gift card's series. Information how to create it is here"QWEQWEQWEQWE

Gift card's import page is here: Gift Card >> Manage Gift Card >> Gift Cards Import

Option explain

  1. File - select .csv or .xlsx file with gift cards’ codes. Format of the file is the same. First line should be “code”, next lines are gift cards’ codes. One code per line.
    .csv file example:
  2. Skip Existing Gift Cards - select this if you want to skip existing codes.
  3. Currency - gift card’s currency.
  4. Gift Card Status - select the status of your gift card.
  5. New - New gift card, not available for selling. Visible only for admin. Active - Available/Ready for selling. Pending - Reserved by customer, but not paid. Sold - Active in checkout, customer paid for it. Expired - Expired, not available on checkout. Inactive - Not expired, but also not available on checkout. Use this status if you need to block gift card.
  6. Lifetime - how long a gift card will be valid. Enter number of days. 0 - never expires.
  7. Expired At - if gift card is already sold, and have an expire date, then select date.
  8. Series - assign your gift card to gift card’s series.
  9. Gift Card Template - Choose template. Also you can leave this field empty, but customer does not has a chance to get gift card in .pdf format emailed and print it at home.
  10. Store - gift card’s selling store.