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Create gift card series

Gift card series is a group of gift cards which has the same gift cards options. Series you can create in admin panel:

Gift Card >> Gift Card Series >> Add New

Series information

  1. Series Name - gift cards’ series identifier.
  2. Series Description - description-notes about gift cards’ series.
  3. Gift Card Value - gift card’s value, not selling price.
  4. Lifetime - how long a gift card will be valid. Enter number of days. 0 - never expires.
  5. Gift Card Template - Choose template which was created( 2.1 paragraph). If you will be selling a “real” gift card, this option is optional and not required.

Gift card generator settings

Defaults gift card’s code format settings.

  1. Code Length - gift card’s code length in characters. For example: 8, 12
  2. Code Format - gift card’s code can be generated using numbers or letters, or both numbers and letters.
  3. Code Prefix - gift card’s code prefix. For example: xmas-
  4. Code Suffix - gift card code’s suffix. For example -2015
  5. Dash Every X Characters - Gift card’s code separator. If you will enter “Code Length”=8 and “Dash Every X Characters”=4 then your code looks like this: “0000-0000”.

Save gift card’s series (click Save and Continue). If gift card’s series has been saved successfully, then you can generate gift card’s codes. You can do this here:

Gift Card >> Gift Card Series>> (Press on your created series) >> Gift Card Codes.