Mailchimp configuration

Coupon code configuration

Confirmation and success emails are sending with mailChimp service, not magento. So, you need to transfer coupon's code to mailchimp service.

  1. Go To: Admin Panel >> System >> Configuration >> Mailchimp
  2. Add new row in "Customer Fields Mapping" option and save settings.
    Customer: coupon_code
    MailChimp: COUPON

  3. Go to Mailchimp page and login to your account.
  4. Go to: Lists >> Click on your list >> Sign Up Forms >> General forms
  5. Set Option "Forms and response emails" to "final welcome email" and check "Send a final welcome email" option

  6. Go to: Lists >> Click on your list >> Settings >> List fields and *|MERGE|* tags >> Add a Field
    Field label: Coupon Code
    Put this tag in your content: COUPON

Additional fields configuration

Additional fields work the same as coupon’s code. Use additional fields name for mapping fields instead of coupon_code.