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Extension settings you can change here: 

Admin Panel >> System >> Configuration >> Newsletter >> "Newsletter subscription with gift" Popup settings.

Popup configuration

  1. Show popup – enables or disables popup window.
  2. Theme – popup theme. You can choose from 4 themes: "Default" (picture 1), "Label" (picture 2)

  3. Title row 1/ Title row 2/ Text – popup information
  4. Cookie Name – Name of cookie. If you change this, popup will show again for all customers.
  5. Cookie Lifetime (days) – Life time of cookie. After this time, popup will show again.

Coupon configuration

First you need to create a coupon.

Go to Admin Panel >> Promotions >> Shopping Cart Price Rules >> Add New Rule. Choose "Coupon – Specific Coupon“. Check "Use Auto Generation" or enter your coupon code. Set "Uses per coupon" and "Uses per customer" to 1.

Join coupon and newsletter

Go to Admin >> System >> Configuration >> Newsletter >> "Newsletter subscription with gift" Coupon Settings >> Shopping Cart Price Rule >> Choose before created coupon.

Coupon settings

  1. Is Active – enables or disables coupon function.
  2. Shopping Cart Price Rule – there is a function which joines your coupon and newsletter.
  3. Length – Coupon code's length, excluding prefix, suffix, and separators.
  4. Format – Coupon code's format.
  5. Prefix/Sufix/Dash – Coupon code's settings.

Add coupon code to newsletter success email

First go to Admin Panel >> System >> Transactional Emails >> Add New OR edit your already existing template. Insert this code in your template: {{var subscriber.couponCode}}

Avoid re-subscribers

To avoid new coupon generation for already subscribed or resubscribed emails, use this code in template:
{{if subscriber.isObjectNew()}}
{{var subscriber.couponCode}}

Set newsletter success email template

Set before already created template as primary template. Go to Admin Panel >> System >> Configuration >> Newsletter >> Subscription Options >> Success Email Template >> Choose your template.