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Here you are able to specify order, invoice, shipment and credit memo ID's or Increment ID's. These objects will be used for template rendering in MTEditor. 

If you have a few different payment or shipping methods and would like to test them, you can change ID to another order id with different method and it will be loaded in MTEditor. 

Instruction how to find ID's:

Please go to: Magento admin panel >> Sales >> Orders >> View (on the order in grid)

See below in the screenshot:

ORDER ID is in the blue rectangle.
ORDER INCREMENT ID is in the green rectangle.

Invoice, Shipment and Credit memo ID's you can find the same in respective pages:
Invoice: Magento admin panel >> Sales >> Invoices >> View 
ShipmentMagento admin panel >> Sales >> Shipments>> View 
Credit MemoMagento admin panel >> Sales >> Credit Memos >> View 

There is no different which one you will use ID or Increment ID.

Mass actions

This feature will let you update all transactional emails. Mass actions are located in system configuration. 

Go to: Magento admin panel >> System >> Configuration >> Responsive Email >> Mass actions

There are 4 actions:

  1. Create templates - this action will add templates to transactional email list
  2. Delete templates - this action will delete all transactional emails which was created by using MTEditor.
  3. Update sytem config - this action will replace all transactional emails in system configuration.
  4. Restore system config - this action will restore transactional emails system config.