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All extension settings you can find here: 

Admin Panel >> System >> Configuration >> Magetrend Extensions >> Facebook Messenger (

General configuration

  1. Is Active – enable/disable extension
  2. Api Key – api key.
    To get the key please click on the button bellow "Get API key". Login to your account in the popup windows. After successful authorization you will get api key. Please copy it and past in this field. 

Facebook Settings

  1. Facebook page – it's your facebook page. If your list is empty please follow this article: Connect Facebook Page
  2. Facebook App ID – facebook app ID. If you don't have it, how to create simple app for page please follow this article: How to create simple facebook APP.

Facebook Message Settings

All settings in this section enables/disables possibility to send notifications by facebook messenger. If you will disable some notification the buttons and checkboxes related on this extension will not appear in sales management pages. 

Facebook Checkbox Plugin Settings

  1. Show in Checkout – it will enable/disable facebook messenger checkbox plugin on checkout page.
More information about facebook checkbox plugin you can find here:

Review Request Settings

Extension has possibility to send review request and ask customers for review. 
  1. Send Review Request – enable/disable review request message. 
  2. Send After Days – Review request message will be send after x days from the order state become "Completed" Here can be enter integer or double type number.
    If you want to test this feature you can enter 0.001.

Other Settings

  1. Cron Chunk Size – how much messages send in one cron tab iteration. Default chunk size is 5. If you will see that there is long messages delay you can increase this size.
  2. Enable Data Logging – you should enable this option only for debugging purposes. Output file: var/log/messenger.log. If you can't find this file it could be that system hasn't permission to create it. You can create it manually, and set write permission (777) for it. 

Messages Translation

There you are able to translate Facebook messages.
Note: Order confirmation message depends on Facebook language settings.

Self Test

First of all you have to connect your Facebook account and give the access to send the message by messenger. To connect it you have to press the button "Send to Messenger" like in the image bellow.  
If the button is not loaded please check again your facebook settings and save configuration. 

If it connects successful you have to see the view like in the image bellow:  

  1. Message Type – type of message. Currently it's possible to send 9 different messages.  
  2. Object ID  – Depends on message type, for example New Invoice message object id is Invoice ID.
    Note: For "Review request" message type object id is order id. Order must to has invoice entity.
Object ID and Increment ID (#100000001) are not the same ids. How to find object ID see bellow in the image. Object ID for this order is 228.