Connecting Facebook pages &

Extension are based on service, so you have to have an account there. 

First of all please go to and login to your account.

Connecting Facebook page

Please click on the button "+ Connect page"

Choose template "Empty boot" by clicking on icon in the right like in the image bellow:


Next you have to press button "Sign In using Facebook"

In this step you have to give the access for app to manage your Facebook information. Press on the button "Continue as *****" and then press "OK"

After this action you will redirected back to page. Next you have to select your Facebook page from the list like in the image bellow. If you don't have any page already, you need to create new facebook page and press "Refresh pages" button and then continue to follow this article. 

Press the button "Save using ******" (in this example "Save using Madison Island")

That's all. Now you will see this page in Magento configuration and will be able to send the message from this page.