How to create simple Facebook App

This Facebook app will be used for to load checkbox plugin only. Messages will be send from Facebook app. 
If you already have the app for your Facebook page, you can use your app id in extension configuration, and no need to create new one. 

1. Login to Facebook developers page

To create the app please go to Facebook developers page and login if you are not logged in: 

If you are visiting this page the first time and see the view like in the picture bellow please click the button "Register Now" and complete registration process.

If your authorisation is successful you should see the view like in the image bellow: 

2. Creating new App

To start creating new app please click on the button "Create a New App"

In the popup windows fill the form. Example how to fill is bellow in the image. 

Press the button "Create App Id" enter security code and press "Submit".

Congratulation your app is created! See bellow where to find app ID: 

3. Add store url

To add the store urls please go to:

Settings >> + Add Platform >> Web Site

Enter the store url in the field "Site URL" and click on the button "Save Changes"

After settings will be saved in the same page please fill the field "App Domains". Enter the same domain without http:// or https://. and save the settings one more time.